Knot Anymore LLC was founded in March, 2000 by Rebecca Kahn. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Rebecca was hired at a company where chair massage was a weekly employee benefit.

On the chair massage days, everyone showed up to work and people seemed lighter and happier. The creative and business processes flowed better. The idea for Knot Anymore LLC was inspired by chair massage’s powerfully positive effect on Rebecca’s workplace.     

Rebecca decided to launch a company dedicated to providing professional chair massage in the workplace and beyond.  Drawing from her corporate background, Rebecca recruited a team of skilled therapists and trained them in aspects of corporate conduct and professionalism.

Rebecca (who is not a massage therapist) founded Knot Anymore, LLC as chair massage customer and that mindset informs much of what we do.  Our business has a deep respect for the abilities of our therapists, and a fierce, customer-oriented belief that our customers deserve an amazing massage AND customer service experience.

From the very first corporate health fair we worked in Houston in 2000 to opening our third location at the Austin airport in 2016, we’ve remained true to our founding principles of recruiting excellent therapists, making people feel better, and using massage to enhance individual and company performance.

Knot Anymore