Massage Therapists

Our therapists are superb. And those aren’t even our words! Time and time again we hear from our customers how extraordinary our therapists are.

Our robust Texas roster includes massage therapists who are certified Massage Therapy Instructors, nationally certified therapists and multi-state licensed therapists. We are able to attract and retain high quality therapists in no small part because of our deep respect for the skills and individual talents that our therapists bring to our organization. Therapists who work for Knot Anymore are motivated, professional and are avid continuing education consumers. Most of our therapists run thriving, independent table massage practices as well.

All Knot Anymore LLC massage therapists are licensed and insured.


Our licensed acupuncturists are ready to help you at the Austin Airport! Many of them are also licensed massage therapists who have been with our organization for some time. All of them have undergone extensive training and schooling to achieve their acupuncture degree. All Knot Anymore LLC acupuncturists are insured. Most of our acupuncturists have independent acupuncture practices outside of the airport as well. Ask your practitioner for his or her business card!

Knot Anymore