Can I make an appointment for massage?

Unfortunately, no. We feel that taking appointments adds one more layer of complication to the travel process which is already fraught with deadlines and stress.  By and large, the walk-up and sign-in process has been considered smooth and fair by our many, many customers over the years. 

Additionally, now with our three locations we are able to serve many more customers.  If you find a wait that’s too long at one location, feel free to try our other location. 

I think I lost something at your location – what do I do?

First, call our main business office at 512.482.9990. Second, call the main airport phone number at 512.530.2242 and ask for Lost and Found. Last, send us an email at describing the item and day it was lost. Our typical procedure for a lost item is send it to ABIA Lost and Found. Please know that we will try our very hardest to track down and reunite your item with you!

Can I get a massage if I am pregnant?

Yes and no. While pregnancy is not a contraindication for chair massage, it is a special circumstance that requires extra skill and training of the therapist. Each of our massage therapists has his/her own comfort level with pregnancy massage and other special circumstances. Some of our therapists welcome pregnancy massage and some do not. We typically have enough therapist coverage at any given time to ensure that we will have a therapist on who is skilled at pregnancy chair massage.

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